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APCL History

Though the Association for the Preservation of Clear Lake has been in existence since the 1940s, you may not be familiar with this vital organization.  Yet for over 80 years, it has played an important role in helping protect the lake.  Through many projects and initiatives, the Association has remained an “enabling” organization, bringing concerned individuals together with those who can help effect change, including like-minded organizations, professionals and experts, and local, state and federal entities.  The Association has sought to educate the public about water quality issues facing Clear Lake, and how each of us can contribute toward its well-being.  The Association works toward its goal of lake improvement and enhancement by building strong relationships with all stakeholders.

Here is a brief timeline of the APCL’s major accomplishments:

1937: Concerned citizens joined together with the primary goal of curbing pollution in in Clear Lake.
1940s: First organized in December 1940.
Assisted with creation of Clear Lake Sanitary District.   The goal for the District was to establish a lake-wide sanitary system, to help eliminate the ineffective or non-existent septic systems.
Successfully lobbied the state legislature for the purchase of McIntosh Woods State Park.
Governor’s Day Picnics established.
1950s: Initial completion of sanitary sewer system that encircles the lake.
Collected water samples.
1960s: Successfully aided in the lobby for the acquisition of the 743-acre Ventura Marsh.
1970s: Promoted the purchase of the 320-acre McIntosh Wildlife Mangement Area which protected 1,100 feet of natural shoreline.
1980s: Assisted with the establishment of the CLEAR Project.
Aided the Clear Lake Fishing Club in establishing artificial fishing reefs around the lake.
Maintained trash dumpsters around the lake.
1990s: Helped fund landmark Clear Lake Diagnostic and Feasibility Study, an exhaustive two-year analysis of the lake’s history, condition, and water quality investigations and studies.
Improved access to public approaches.  Provided security lighting at public boat ramps.
2000s: Providing financial and administrative support for the Ventura Lake dredging project.